Strategy for UPSC 2019 and beyond -ये सत्य कोई भी नहीं नकार सकता

After UPSC Civil Services 2017 final result have been declared, aspirants are left with a presumption on whether UPSC will continue emphasizing on current affairs or it may change the streak and ask questions about static questions based on current events, करंट अफेर्स भी ऐसे की concept बिना कोई भी नहीं दे सकता effective answer -तो अब whatever may be the inclination, only one skill survive and can save the stinking boat i.e., efficient and consolidated writing skills.
When I decided that I was going to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam, the next major decision was whether to join a coaching class or not. Back then, online content had just begun to come up. Hence, whether to join a coaching or to study online was not even a question. But online content has matured a lot in last 4 years. So a major question among aspirants starting their preparation now is whether they should join a classroom, or whether they can prepare effectively for civil services relying solely on online content.

The Best Coaching for UPSC

Many students fall prey to the following thought process — “I do not mind spending money, but I want the best coaching. If XYZ is considered the best coaching, I will join it.” But is the best coaching really the best choice? Consider 3 scenarios.

1)  Premier big coaching class with 10students-(Not in Mumbai,but surely in Delhi,Pune):
It is really hard to justify the cost of attending so-called premier coaching classes. They charge a student around 1+ lakhs for GS Coaching. Despite paying such high fees, a student is made to attend class in a batch of 300 to 400 students. Individual doubt discussion and personalised attention is almost impossible. The pace at which class progresses is determined by the slowest student of the class. Most importantly, the teaching patterns refuse to evolve with time.

1)  Premier big coaching class with 10students-(Not in Mumbai,but surely in Delhi,Pune):

This is most dangerous pattern. No credibility, no responsibility, fly within month is mark of the days today. 2 things to be discussed:

1) They come with too flexible fee pattern - lower...and hence many students, who arent fully aware of requirements of UPSC and who take admissions on basis of fee(only), are victims of such pattern. Few years back, there was a news on Times of India Mumbai, see link here-see link here-click here. Worst part is that Directors of this institute have started coaching classes in Mumbai with 3 different names. Students must be cautioned very much.

2) No credentials of Faculty Who is coaching, mentoring? This is none of business of some students who dont have any idea of depth of UPSC exams. A simple check is to see if the class is run by those who have not cleared any exams and are running it for bread and butter. Even that must not be a problem, if they are genuinely aware of depth and not just FEKU by good talks.
What could be taught in just 3 months, they teach the same thing in about 10 months. And thus waste 3 to 4 precious hours everyday.

I advise students to not just know the syllabus, but understand the exam pattern. The biggest challenge for candidates in Mains exam still lies unanswered, i.e., how to develop proficiency for impactful answers.Hence, Apart from subject knowledge, it is about life skills and academic skills. It is this part that you should be looking for mentor.

Do you know how P Gopichand mentored PV SIndhu, Read here HERE

Know Yourself, know the system, know the society :

First you should understand the CSE Mains preparation is not only about syllabus, but it is a situational study where your stress management is tested every day. Keeping in focus on latest trends in questions, a personal strategy is devised to guide the aspirants appearing for IAS Mains exam.

UPSC official guidelines states that questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and to take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demands. The candidates should give relevant, meaningful and succinct answers to questions.
Towards Effective Answers What should be the ideal answer for any question? – This is a baffling question itself. It is totally depends upon the candidates background and varied ideas and perspectives, but it is totally on an aspirant’s judgment to decide what is apt to be mentioned or not. -- It is based on this and only this point, should students decide about coaching class, mentor and self .

Coaching v/s Mentorship

When I was preparing for Civil Services Exam, I always felt if there was some mentor who could help me strategize and provide me study sources, rest I can handle myself, without any coaching. This is even more true today. The truth is that UPSC is 99% about self study and only 1% about guidance. That 1% guidance has to be extremely minimal, to the point and effective.

For our tentative plans read HERE

Hence, my hypothesis, that in today’s digital world, classroom coaching for UPSC Civil Services is redundant and a huge waste of time and money. But the flip-side of online content is that so much content becomes available, it becomes almost impossible for a fresh aspirant to filter out the relevant content. Thus, mentorship is the need of the day. Someone who could help you decide what to study and what not to study. Someone experienced to help you strategise and motivate. Someone who is capable of resolving your conceptual doubts. Someone who keeps monitoring your progress and provides you the feedback on what and how to improve, while you could invest your full energy in studying what is prescribed.

Preparing for UPSC from Home or in Classroom

Another traditional belief has been that to prepare well for Civil Services, one has to physically move to a hub like Delhi Or Pune to attend these premier coaching classes. But with the flooding of online content and penetration of internet along with laptops and smartphones, content has become democratised. All an aspirant needs is a mentor who could provide her the right guidance. Such guidance could also be provided online, over telephone and internet.

So, my second hypothesis is that UPSC preparation could now be done even more effectively online as compared to a coaching in a hub like Delhi or Pune.

Preparing for UPSC from Home or in Classroom

Based on these beliefs, I have started a Classroom (in Mumbai Dadar & in Pune) as well as online mentorship program , called ‘Sankalp UPSC 2019’.
In this program, Officers and academicians with proven credentials will mentor a small batch of students. We will help each student create a clear strategy and timeline for next one year. This strategy will be personalised for each student. Based on it, we will help set up monthly and weekly targets for the aspirant. We will help select and prioritize reading material. I will help resolve conceptual doubts. All this assistance will be online, so it also becomes possible for aspirants sitting anywhere in the country to prepare in the best possible manner without having to physically shift to Delhi/Pune. Most importantly, we will provide assistance on demand only where it is required, thus minimizing the interference and allowing the aspirant to give maximum time to self study, which is what the UPSC Civil Services Exam is all about.

For more details about the program, write to me at or whatsapp me at +919930075295. Call 9930075267 if am unreachable.

Sankalp IAS Forum is the best institute for UPSC CSE because we do what exactly UPSC wants you to do.

♥ 700+ Answer writing throughout the year.
♥ Weekly current Affairs session with session on Answer writing.
♥ Pre Storming and Mains storming session will assure you required confidence, Timely completion of studies and enthuse you.

“The program includes:”

1) NCERT based pre and Mains Tests
2) Revision batches for all subjects.
3) Quality Enrichment Sessions for upgrading your studies.
4) Personal one to one mentoring because every person has different     personality and UPSC CSE has a personality test.
5) Quality subjectwise notes that have been prepared from most     reliable sources.
6) With above features - We are announcing opening of admission for     UPSC CSE - 2019 Regular and Weekend batch.

“Tentetive Schedule : ”

1) Foundation Building - April to     June
2) Advance Studies - July to     November
3) Edge - December to January
4) Prilims - February to May


The Union Public Service Commission ( संघ लोक सेवा आयोग ) is India's central recruiting agency. It is responsible for appointments to and examinations for All India services and group A & group B of Central services.[1] While Department of Personnel and Training is the central personnel agency in India.

* A candidate must have attained the age of 21 years and must not have attained the age of 32 years on August 1 of the year of examination.
* For OBC the upper age limit is 35, and for SC and ST the limit is 37 years..
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course information

UPSC conducts more examinations various government services

IAS( Indian Administrative Service )
IPS ( Indian Police Service )
IFS( Indian Forest Service )
IRS ( Indian Revenue Service )

IAS ( Indian Administrative Service ) :

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the Civil Services Examination and one of the toughest competitive exams in India conducted by Union Public Service Commission for the recruitment of officers for the All India Administrative civil service.

Age Limit : Age of the applicant should land between 16.5 to 19 years.
Educational qualification:
• Bachelor's Degree from any of the recognised universities..

IPS ( Indian Police Service ) :

The Indian Police Service or IPS is one of the 3 All India Services of the Government of India. The IPS was formed in the year 1948. The cadre controlling authority for the IPS is the Ministry of Home Affairs ..
Physical Criteria :
Minimum Height

For Men - 165cm | For Female - Women - 150cm .
• we are mentioning the eligibility requirements for NDA applicants and aspirants
  Age Limits : candidate should be minimum 21 years and maximum 30 years

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IFS( Indian Forest Service )

The Indian Foreign Service is the administrative diplomatic civil service under Group A and Group B. It is one of the Central Civil Services of the executive branch of the Government of India.
Age Limit : ( between 21 to 30 years .)

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Brief Overview

Brief Overview about UPSC CSE

There have been growing trend of questions ,the answers of which requires not only knowledge of conventional theories but also a deep understanding of government policies and bureaucratic thinking’s with current aspects. The interconnections between these and conceptual linkages are crucial for success. This requires a professional approach in preparation, and a personalized mentoring by those who have been through these exams. This is our conviction and our programme is designed accordingly.
The interconnections between these and conceptual linkages are crucial for success. This requires a professional approach in preparation, and a personalized mentoring by those who have been through these exams. For UPSC Prelims and Mains - 2019 study approach is different but there are inter-linkage between both. This is our conviction and our program is designed accordingly.

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Sankalp IAS Forum is one such platform which is known for mentoring aspirants in Mumbai & Pune for Civil, Defense, Engineering & Judicial Services.

The IAS exams (popularly known as civil services exams) are held every year to fill vacancies in administrative posts in various governmental departments. In the process of preparing for this competitive exams, one requires a suitable and qualified mentor. Sankalp IAS Forum is one such platform which is known for mentoring aspirants in Mumbai & Thane. Students are mentored through classroom guidance, online test series and through its book “IAS@21’ which is written by Amrutesh Aurangabadkar, IAS. This year 5 students have been selected in final list of UPSC Civil Services.Special guidance is given for 10th-12th pass students, undergraduates for UPSC, MPSC Exams.

As for UPSC (CSE), Special guidance for 10th pass students for NDA & for FY/SY Students for CDS is provided. Law graduates are guided for JMFC services and Engineering Gradautes for Indian & State Engineering Services.

Sankalp IAS Forum, Mumbai has been giving best results since inception 5 years back. Our mentors mentored Amrutesh Aurangabadkar,IAS in Pune. Ajay Kumar, IAS 2012 was our prelims, Mains & PT batch student in Mumbai. His optional was Sociology & Management. nsequat.
We provide quality coaching for Civil Services Examinations (UPSC). We start the coaching early and train the candidates. We don’t believe in the theme of Prelims-cum-Mains. Nearly 5 lakh candidates apply for UPSC Civil services Examination but only about 15000 are selected for Main Examination. Hence getting through Preliminary stage is very essential. Again at every stage afterwards, aspirants have to face tough competition.

Since year 2013 UPSC has introduced new pattern of Exam for Mains. So also there has been tremendous swing in quality of questions in Prelims as well as Mains. It is now seen that the overall cut-off for mains has come down drastically. Scores for General studies and essay have been low throughout India. Those young and first timers have fared well as like those with professional candidates. Hence we are convinced about the need to impart Coaching stage by stage.

Duration : June 2018 - May 2019,

Preliminary exam on (Tentatively in June, 2019), Mains in (Tentatively in October, 2019), Interviews(Personality Tests) in April-May 2020. Guidance for Personality Tests is complimentary free for successful candidates.

What UPSC Needs?
- UPSC exams is the total story of how well you present yourself-your personality test-through answer writing and Interviews. So the crux is knowing your personality and writing answers . This should be evaluated by officers who have approached that path. Personalised feedback and inputs should be given and in such a way, incremental progress over a period of time must take place.
What students do?
- Joining a class OR self study- more focus on reading - some may be doing answer writing and may or not may not be getting them evaluated from some senior. Where do you get a personalized touch to this type of studies.
What classes do?
They will give you live videos, contents, notes and tests. Who evaluates the paper, how do they do scaling, is there any personal touch? NO, and given the commercial narrative that they follow, even the best of best faculty, class cant give that personal guidance. What Sankalp does is doing, is something for first time in India. Personal mentoring/ group mentoring Targets for study every week or fortnight Test based on targets with personal feedbacks. Throughout mentoring and hand holding. Total guidance about syllabus, sources, approach, analysis and personalized areas for scoring.

Best suited for Second year of Graduation (B.A., B.Com, B.Sc.) & in third year of Engineering, Architecture or medical fields.
Final year students can join this batch if they are willing to appear in 2019. Duration: June 2019 - May 2020, Preliminary exam in June,2019, Mains in October 2019, Interviews(Personality Tests) in April-May 2020. Guidance for Personality Tests is complimentary free for successful candidates.

UPSC Marathi medium Batch

मराठीतून UPSC चा अभ्यास करणाऱ्यांसाठी संकल्प आय ए एस फोरम आता नियमित मार्गदर्शन घेत आहेत . दर शनिवार,रविवारी होणाऱ्या ह्या वर्गां साठी पुणे,मुंबई आणि नागपुरातून विशेष प्रशिक्षक येतात . दर तासाला प्रशिक्षणासोबत उत्तर लेखनाचा सराव,चर्चा आणि अभ्यास साहित्याबाबत सखोल चर्चा होणार आहे . For more information about UPSC, Please visit our UPSC blog. please create the following link on the same page.
1) Regular-Morning-Evening-Sunday special Batch guidance for IAS IPS
2) Fortnightly Test series (Test series for 2018 Prelims is underway)
3) Free Study Room
4) Group tasks
5) Personal Counseling
6) Notes written by expert
7) Expert faculty, separate faculty for all subjects
8) And most important is a guardian for study
9) Book House where all NCERT & other necessary books can be bought from.
10) Interactions through gmail, whatsapp, facebook and personal counseling's.

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