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Do You Know ?

• 5,47,698 candidates applied for the Civil Services Examination, 2016.
• 2, 69,036 appeared for the Preliminary examination held in May 2016.
• 12,491 candidates qualified for the Main written examination held in October 2016,
• 2,589 were short listed for the Personality Test held in March-April, 2017.
• 1020 candidates — Qualified the Exam (IAS, IPS ,IFS etc)

So the overall national success rate is only 0.0054%.
Of these:

• 8 students cracked the prestigious examination in their first attempt,
• 4 in the second attempt,
• 9 in the third,
• 3 in the fourth
• 1 in the fifth attempts.

Why did this happen? The probable reasons are:

• Lack of knowledge of the Exam pattern
• Coaching by inexperienced faculty
• Coaching institutes gave notes, no time to read them, lack of the art of note making.
• Lack of personal mentoring.
• Classroom coaching not linked to practical and current aspects.
• Various personal problems- stress,anger,frustration,anxiety, pressure

Sankalp believes in following principles and convictions.

• • The class should be interactive.
• The coverage of syllabus of General Studies should be such that both the conventional and the currents aspects are done justice to.
• Highlighting of the interconnections and conceptual linkages is crucial for success.
• The commitment of the student should be continuously strengthened with examinations and clarifications.
• The object is to build confidence and clarity which is vital for success in the Civil Services examination.
• Above all, result oriented preparation should be the goal.

What does Sankalp Offer?

• Sensitize the aspirants with the essential knowledge and skills which
will lay a sound foundation for his\her pursuit in Civil
Services Examination.

• Considering the maturity level of the aspirants, a phased approach is recommended. Accordingly the foundation course will be introduced
as the first stage in the course of preparation before CSAT and Mains preparation stages commence.

• They will have a clear edge over freshers in their year of attempting
Civil Services Examination.

• Coaching will be by selected candidates and those who have wide experience of exams.

• Personal mentoring - helping overcome learning problems, preparing personal timetables, guiding for success.

• Visits to various administrative offices and one-to-one talk with officers.

• Visit to places like Ralegan siddhi, Vanvasi ashram.

• Special sessions on reading, learning, memorizing, notes making and personality development.

• Overall the focus will be on analyzing what to do and what not to do.

• Nurturing aspirants Intelligence Quotient (IQ),Spiritual Quotient (SQ),Emotional Quotient(EQ

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"The real challenge in crafting strategy lies in detecting subtle discontinuities that may undermine a business in the future. And for that there is no technique, no program, just a sharp mind in touch with the situation."