Book List


for the prelims focused more on the state board

books of 6th 10 std
General Science NCERT - 5thto 10th
Mental Ability Book- R.S. AARWAL
Yojana, Kumkshetra, Lokrajya


NCERT Books-
*History-11th and 12th standard(Ancient India,
Medieval India, Modern India (Old and New)
*Geography-6th to 12th Standard One Atlas for Studying of
the maps

1] aadhunik bhartacha itihas-k sagar
2] maharashtracha sarvangin itihas-v.b.patil
3] strugle for independance-Bipin Chandra
4] India aftr Independance-Bipin Chandra
5] Modern india-Bipin Chandra
6] Maharashtracha Bhugol-Prof.Khatib

Paper 2 - Bhartiy RajyaGhatna ani Bhartiy Rajkaran

1] Bhartiya rajghatna aani rajkiy vawhar-Dr.V.M.Bachal
2] Bhartachi Rajyaghatna Sadhya-Sopya Shabdat-Prof.V.B.Patil
3] Maharashtatil Panchayat Raj-Sankalp IAS Forum
4] Panvhayat Raj:Ek vishleshak paramarsh-Dr.Nandedkar
5] Indian Polity- Lakshmikant
6] Indian Polity NCERT-10thand 12th Standard

Paper 3 - Manav Sansadhan v Manvi Hakk

1] Manav sansadhan vikas- V.B.Patil
2] Manvi Hakk- V.B.Patil

Paper 4 - Arthavyavastha aani niyojan,arthik vikas,vidnyan aani tantrdnan

1] Vanijya aani arthavyavastha ghatak-K'Sagar
2] Aadhunik Bhartatil vidnan-tantradnan-Dr.Pramod Joglekar
3] Vidnan-tantradnanavishayak Pragati-Dr.A.P.Deshpande
4] NCERT books 5th -12th standard
5 ]Economic survey

भाषा :

* भाषिक कौशल्यांचा विकास : डॉ. चित्रा सोहनी (नित्य नुतन प्राकशन मुंबई)
* मराठी व्याकरण : मो.रा.वाळिंबे
* इंग्रजी व्याकरण : पाल अ‍ँड सुरी
* य.च.मु. विद्यापीठाची भाषा विषयक पुस्तके

Recommended book list for UPSC CSE General Studies (as on 7.7.17)

Civil Services Examination (Prelims): General Studies

Indian History

• Ancient India- D.N. Jha (Selected Chapters: photocopy by the Institute)
• Ancient India old NCERT OR class XIth Tamil Nadu state board book.
• Medieval India- Satish Chandra old NCERT ( Selected Chapters: photocopy by the Institute)
• Modern India- Bipan Chandra old NCERT( Selected Chapters: photocopy by the Institute)
• India’s Struggle for Independence- Bipan Chandra OR Ramchandra Guha

Indian Constitution and Polity

• Indian Polity – Laxmikant
• Handouts of the Institute


• 5th to 12th Standard NCERT
• World physical geography- G.C. Leong
• ATLAS- Oxford School Atlas

General Science

• 5th to 10th standard NCERT
• Science and Technology Page of The Hindu on every Thursday

Ecology and Environment

• Environmental Studies- Bharucha
• Sankalp IAS Forum Notes.


• Fundamentals of Macroeconomics: 12th standard NCERT
Pratiyogita Darpan (Selected Chapters: Xerox by the Institute)
• Articles of C.L.S. Narasimha on every Monday in The Hindu (Compilation by the Institute)

Current Affairs and Government Schemes

• Sankalp IAS Forum Handouts
• Sankalp IAS Forum Compilation of India Year book, Economic Survey

1] Vanijya aani arthavyavastha ghatak-K'Sagar

Recommended Book list for UPSC Civil Services Mains (Written) Examination :

GS Paper-I

• Indian Culture- Sankalp IAS Forum Notes.
• India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
• India after Gandhi- Ram Chaandra Guha/India Since
Independence by Bipan Chandra
• World History- Old NCERT (Arjun Dev).

Additional Readings

1. 3 books- 365 Sucess Secret, Makers of Modern India and Gandhian Management.
2. Yojana, Kurukshetra and Science Reporter are must read.
3. If possible also go through first and last page of Employment News.
4. Discussion on AIR at 9.15 pm should be heard ans RSTV programme- Public Forum be watched.
5. Make guided use of social media and Internet.