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Banking and State Services also need focused guidance. Do visit us and you will see that your search ends here. Crazy is being mad, it means being focused. On one side we are happy about students getting ranks in SANKAP IAS Forum, and all our prelims-mains-interview students passing in first attempts, but on second side we are not fully satisfied by low ranks. But we know, We can do it! An institute with the highest number
of Mains appearing candidates & having consistently produced best officers.

Our Coaching Programme is indicated below

1) Targeted Coaching for Preliminary Examination. (Target Courses)

We commence weekend Target course in July and class room lectures with tests are conducted till December .We divide the subjects into 10 parts and conduct Model Exams on every Saturday/Sunday.
”Week” hence will be the basic unit and candidates will give “Target series test”.
Special emphasis is given on Paper –II, commonly called CSAT paper. Focus is also on English as a language for those who find themselves weak in this area. The exams continue till middle of March and we conduct 10 Final Target Tests based on whole syllabus from first week of April so that our candidates get fully exposed to the syllabus and take the examination with confidence.

2) Coaching for Main Exams Optional subjects :

Though we don’t believe in Pre-cum-mains pattern, we are confident
that our students will clear prelims in first attempt itself after going through the well planned Target oriented prelims course. At this stage, we are already preparing candidiates for General Studies part of Main Exam,through Preliminary studies.

But we will prepare our students for Optional’s like
1)Political Science
2) Geography
3) Sociology
5) Public Administration
6) Law
7) Commerce
8) Economics
9) Management

3) Coaching for Main Examination:

We conduct rigorous daily coaching with Tests to take up Main
Examination from 3rd day after Prelims up to third week of September.
We provide comprehensive notes under General Studies to candidates.
Our answer sheet is designed in the same size of UPSC so that the
candidates can have writing practice. There have been growing trend of questions ,the answers of which requires not only knowledge of
conventional theories but also a deep understanding of government
policies and bureaucratic thinking’s with current aspects. The interconnections between these and conceptual linkages are crucial for success. This requires a professional approach in preparation, and a personalized mentoring by those who have been through these exams.
This is our conviction and our programme is designed accordingly.

Mains coaching will be by candidates who have been through these
exams and are serving as officers along with those
from the educational institutions.

4) Programme for Grooming for Personality Test:

Main results are published tentatively during second week of March every year. We provide coaching to face Personality test through notes, expert panel member’s talks, field visits and mock Interviews. We start this Programme in January itself so that candidates can prepare well without wasting time.

Why we are different ?

We are crazy for top ranks in all exams, u may say mad..!
Our effort is not only to provide the students with a roadmap to effective learning but also to reassure them of our motivating company during their journey on the road to success.

At Sankalp u get
1) Regular Morning -Evening & Weekend Batches. 2) Fortnightly Test series 3) Free Study Room
4) Group tasks5) Personal Counselling 6) Notes of all well known institutes .7) Expert Faculty 8) and most important is a guardian for study" 9) Optionals coaching

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